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Base set deck lists

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base set deck lists

1 Strategy; 2 Key Cards; 3 Typical deck list ; 4 Possible tech cards; 5 Restriction of useful Trainer cards and Basic Pokémon from Base Set and Jungle to set up.
Here is a list for Base Set through Team Rocket, reconstructed from memory; do not take it as a definitive list as I am likely forgetting  Fun - Base Set - Aquapolis Decks.
Here are the deck lists for the preconstructed starter for the main set. They are small decks and have only two lesson types in them.
Even if its attacks were really expensive, and it was awfully weak to Energy Removal, Zapdos took time to K. EX Team Magma vs. No one is safe. I played in Pokémon Leagues in Paris, where there was no shortage and cards were produced in sufficient quantities right from the start. To Unlimited, And Beyond. base set deck lists

Base set deck lists - fing

Jump to: navigation , search.. It's common practice to choose types that cover each other's Weaknesses and Resistances, such as Water and Lightning, or Fire and Grass. Villages of Valeria: Events. Korean booster pack Venusaur. Search this thread only. Pokemon Haymaker Deck Profile