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I accidentally deleted an Archive folder in MAIL, can i get it back?, i have several Time Machine backups and also a Sooper Dooper backup,  Effort to clean out Mail Archive deleted active.
Learn how to retrieve erased archive files on your Windows PC using Yodot File Recovery application.
The archive folder is a.pst file somewhere on your computer. In outlook, do a file/ open/outlook data file the file may be in c:\Documents and. After you delete an archive, if you immediately download the vault inventory, it. The software can find and recover data from deleted partitions. There are instances when an archive has been deleted by the administrator and it needs to be restored. If the archive retrieval job has successfully prepared the archive. View the General page.
How to view websites and deleted content anonymously using archive websites

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This must be correct before starting any of the Enterprise Vault services, otherwise some cleanup operations may occur, resulting in information loss. If unable to use the same name as the original server follow this step to set up a server with a different name than the old server. If the problem persists, contact Enterprise Vault Support for further assistance. Hey buddy you were Spot On thanks a million thanks, youre a star   Tim. Check that all previous steps have been successful, repeat any missed steps, and then run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard again. Archive problem accessing archive folder.