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history; DOI: j x View/save citation; Cited Although treatment of drug-susceptible tuberculosis (TB) under.
Formaldehyde production from isoprene oxidation across NO x regimes Marvin 10, J. Peischl 5,6, I. B. Pollack 5,6, J. M. Roberts 6, T. B. Ryerson 6, J. A. Thornton 9 Phys., 16, doi.
DOI: http://dx. doi Abstract. Experimental data of the intrinsic perpendicular magnetic anisotropy energy constant Ku are presented for amorphous rare earth‐transition metal (RE‐TM) Tbx and multilayered Co/Pt thin film samples. R. A. Hajjar, F. L. Zhou, and M. Mansuripur, J. Appl. Phys.
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Optics and Optical Physics. SERIES EDITORS: WING WAI YEW, GIOVANNI B. Views Kerr effects Torque Metallic thin films Amorphous metals Magnetic anisotropy. The aim of this study was to estimate the cost of treatment for MDR-TB according to the treatment strategy and prognosis in South Korea. The same analyses were undertaken for drug-susceptible TB for comparison.